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Canine Classics 3-Compartment Beagle Transport Box

The Canine Classics 3-Compartment Beagle Transport Box is available in assorted colors. It is 48″W x 32″D x 18″H, aluminum skinned over a wood frame and is available with 3/4″ of dead air space in the walls or with insulated walls.

This beagle box is equipped with loading handles and has 6″W x 6″H adjustable vents on all three compartments. This box weighs approximately 85 lbs. The outside compartments have side vents and the center compartment has a back vent. The door openings are 10 1/2″W x 10 1/2″ H. All three interior compartments are 14″W x 29″D x 16″H.

Winter door panels are included standard with all of our beagle boxes. They should only be used during harsh winter weather. Adequate air flow is vital to the health and safety of your dogs.