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Fur Shed Equipment

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    Beaver Board Stencil Pattern

    This Beaver Board Stencil Pattern is constructed of wood and is designed to be used in making your own plywood beaver boards. Simply sub-divide your beaver boards into 4 equal quadrants with a marker and then use this 1/4 board stencil pattern and a ...

    Heavy Duty Gambrel

    This Heavy Duty Gambrel will provide many years of use. The heavy duty hooks rotate and slide for easy usage. This gambrel has an overall length of 14".

    Standard Fleshing Knives

    These Standard Fleshing Knives are ideal for low to medium volume fur processing. They are made of carbon steel and are available in three sizes. The smallest one has a blade that is 1" x 10" and is good for mink and muskrats. The middle sized ...

    Standard Gambrel

    The Standard Gambrel is a good, basic skinning gambrel.